The problem of too many free samples.


This is not all of the samples hanging around my bathroom. I don’t know where I have acquired all of these, and I know that some of them have been lingering a long time. Perhaps there is a tiny cosmetics sample factory in my bathroom cupboard? 

I’ve saved plenty waiting for the right opportunity to use them. This will come in handy when we travel next time, to help keep our luggage down. Yeah, right.  Some of those sample packets have been with us to Brisbane and back too many times to count! I don’t really use as much as is in a sample sachet when we travel, or I know I will use more and so just take the bigger one. Or I plain forget. 

So, here’s my advice to myself, and to anyone who is overflowing with samples.  Use them. Don’t wait for the perfect time. Use them so they are gone but not wasted. 

What’s your samples hoard like?


3 thoughts on “The problem of too many free samples.

  1. Have you ever seen Extreme Cheapskates? One lady uses nothing but free samples. She’s never had to pay for deodorant or toothpaste etc. Part of me would like to give that a go (although I’d feel guilty about all the excess packaging) but I don’t see free samples about. I would guess most of what you have up there came from your Bounty New Baby bags. I use them up usually. Although I have some that I still haven’t used. Just today I actually put a baby soap free wash sample in the shower because hopefully, if it’s in there, I’ll at least remember to use it next time Alex (who’s nearly two!) has a bath.

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