Living intentionally: reading

So…. my exciting new blog that I was going to be updating at least weekly fell apart after five or so posts.

But – hey! – I’m back.

Back on living simply, intentionally and beautifully.

I’ve set some goals this year. I’m not much of a goal setter. I tend to lose my way, get bored with my goals, find more exciting things I’d rather do, or realise I’m nowhere near achieving the goal and give up.

This year I have printed them out and stuck them on my wardrobe where I will see them.

I’m 8 weeks into the year and none of my goals are looking great. But I do have 10 months to go!

One of my goals is to read and review 50 books this year. This is part of my living intentionally. I do love to read, and I’m definitely a sucker for social history or social commentary. I’m hoping to review a stack of books this year, including some from ’50 books you must read before you die’ type lists, some I pick up randomly from the library because they look interesting, and some that have been lurking on my bookshelf for years waiting for me to read them so I can get rid of them!

It’s all part of living intentionally: I love to read. I want to read. I will read actual books as much as I read random internet articles.

(I’m totally an actual book person. Personal preference. I forget I’ve got any ebooks sitting on my phone, whereas the book that keeps getting shifted from dining table to kitchen bench to bedside table to coffee table serves as a physical reminder that, you know, I want to get that book read.)

What are you doing this year to live more intentionally?