Another reason why I prefer to shop local

I love shopping with local stores, and love supporting small business.  At least in theory.  I’m actually reasonably bad at doing it, because, like most people, the lure of cheap prices and the familiarity of nationwide chains means I just keep going to those stores.

My daughter has grown out of her swim nappy, and doesn’t need a swim nappy anymore, so I figured I would buy a new pair of swimming togs (swimmers, swimming costume, bathers, or whatever non-Queenslanders call the clothes you wear in the pool!). Which is all well and good, except that it is coming into ‘winter’, and that means that all the stores that have their stocking and ordering done at a central office have ‘winter’ clothes.

It’s 27 degrees celsius today where I live, and it is mid-May. So while the southern states are all rugging up in their ugg boots and jackets and beanies, we’re chilling back in thongs and t-shirts, and still going swimming. But, of course, the shops are full of boots and jackets and woollen jumpers and warm hats and raincoats and gumboots.  Not swimwear.

It seems to me to be a lovely idea that the clothing shops in the towns they are situated would predominantly sell the type of clothes that the people living in that town would require.  (it is, of course, useful to be able to buy warm clothes for travelling to cold climates).  It seems to me that a locally owned and operated business would be able to tailor their stock to the needs of their customers better than a business that is run from a central location.  I’m not really an expert in business, actually, I don’t really know much at all. But I’m putting it out there that it makes more sense in this regard that a local business would better stock products that locals are looking for.  I am sure there are managerial decisions made at many chain stores, but they still will have a limited range of stock to choose from.

Now, if only I could find a locally owned children’s clothing store…


What do you think?

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